April already and the Covid Blues.

 It's April already? It only seems like it was Christmas and here we are days away from Easter. They do say time flies when you're having fun, which is OK if you really are having fun. I'm currently suffering from Covid so fun isn't a word I'd use to describe my current situation. If I'm being honest I think this is the second time I have had it as I was very poorly last May with the same symptoms, but far worse. Last year I tested negative, this year positive so work that one out. The good thing is I'm managing to keep on my own two feet, unlike last May when I lost over a stone in weight in a little over a week. Strangely enough on both occasions I'd been vaccinated only days before. Not that I think there is a direct correlation between being vaccinated and catching Covid as I know for certain second time around I caught it off my wife.

    Covid aside the last four weeks have been a bit up and down and for one reason and another I haven't done much writing, with the exception of A Christmas to Remember which started off as a short story on this blog and seems to be turning into something else. I now have all sorts of plot lines running through my head and after some deliberation have decided to put the whole thing on this blog as it develops. Obviously this is very much in a 1st daft format and already there have been some changes in tense from episode 1. What has surprised me is  how many views it has already has, so with this in mind I will endeavor to get up dates out quicker and try for at least one a week (illness permitting). 

Out and about with Scout - Walking in County Durham. Prior to coming down with Covid Scout and I had been getting in the miles and will post one of our favourite walks here soon. I would have had it posted by now only I need to photograph a section to illustrate a point which I can't do until I'm Covid free. In the mean time here are some photos taken over the last month in and around the area where I live.

A section of disused railway line which dates back to 1825. I had a strange  experience here a month or so ago and have been agonizing as to whether to put it into print ever since.

Scout with her nose to the ground. A little further along we encountered a large deer.

Frosty morning near Eldon