Shadow Rider


He looks at me with that odiously evil face

A putrid piece of humanity

A curse upon the human race

A cancer

A pox like shadow on the surface of the sun

All things considered

One malignant piece of worthless scum

Shadow rider, I curse his name

He doesn’t care

He has no shame


I look away far too late

He senses my weakness

I seal my fate

His lips curl, a twisted sneer

Insidiously feeding off my every fear

I shake and tremble

Start to cry

Shadows back

Someone somewhere

Is going to die


Run, run

Down the corridor down the stairs

Avoiding all save for their incredulous stares

Lungs bursting up the street

Blood spattering from my unshod feet

I see him chasing,

Keeping pace

Over the road a familiar face

They see me coming and shut the door

My legs buckle and I drop to the floor


I roll away a pitiful sight

Who will help me with this desperate fight

A malevolent cancer only I can see

How is this so

How can this be

A shop window

A doorway

Once even the TV

Why can no one see him

When I see him

And he sees me

Photo credit Google images